Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Thursday, 22 November 2007

Okkervil River

I've been listening to Okkervil Rivers new album 'The stage names' a lot recently and I love it... so... here are some of my favourite tracks. Hope to see them in Leeds soon too.

Okkervil River - A Hand To Take Hold Of The Scene
Okkervil River - John Allyn Smith Sails
Okkervil River - Love To A Monster

Okkervil River - Girl in port (video)

Frightened Rabbit

Scottish band Frightened Rabbit were formed in 2004 by Scott and Grant Hutchison. The brothers from Glasgow produce great infectious indie tunes with a hint of folk... just the way we like it.

Frightened Rabbit - The Greys
Frightened rabbit - Be less rude
Frightened Rabbit - Go Go Girls

Vampire Weekend

The excellent Vampire Weekend are from New York City and have a really individual sound. I can only describe it as a mixture of early British new wave mixed with Paul Simon and his African influences.

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Spoon are a good solid guitar based indie band with a little extra bit of zip which seems to set them apart from the crowd. They have beeen around for a while but the new album 'Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga' is getting great reviews.

Spoon - The Underdog
Spoon - The Ghost of You Lingers

Friday, 31 August 2007


Sorry I've not posted for quite a while... so busy at the mo. Anyhow, here goes... Midlake are a band from Denton, Texas with a sound pretty much their own. saying that... there is a bit of Grandaddy in there. Take a listen and make up your own mind.

Midlake - Mornings Will Be Kind
Midlake - Kingfish Pies

...and take a look too

Friday, 20 July 2007

Dear and the Headlights

Just found these guys while surfing around and I was pretty in to them after listening to the piano opening to 'It's gettin easy'. Dear and the headlights have a bit of an Okkervil river feel with great instrumental arrangements.

Dear and the Headlights - It’s Gettin’ Easy
Dear and the Headlights - Sweet Talk

Dear and the Headlights - Skinned Knees & Gapped Teeth (video)

Friday, 6 July 2007

Minus story

On the same label as Okkervil River (Jagjaguwar), Minus Story produce an awesome sound which is both big and delicate at the same time. There is a likeness to Okkervil with a hint of Mercury Rev.

Minus Story - Little Wet Head
Minus Story - Stitch Me Up
Minus Story - Time Wastes Itself

Black before Red

Black before Red are from Austin, Texas. They are a four piece and they write really smart stripped down indie tunes with great rhythmical bass lines. Good lyrics too.

Black Before Red - Underneath Gold
Black before Red - Goddess in trauma
Black before Red - Matagorda

Arab Strap

I'm well behind on this one.. I was in the car flicking through Mp3's and came across Arab Strap's 'Elephant Shoe' album again. Great stuff! I got to work and went to their web site and found out they have stopped making music! December 06! Lets remember them...

Arab Strap - There Is No Ending
Arab Strap - Dream Sequence
Arab Strap - Confessions Of A Big Brother

Arab Strap - Cherubs (Video)

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Kid Dakota

I first listened to Kid Dakota about two or three years ago. It was some tunes from 'So Pretty' which included the excellent song 'Smokestack'. I think it's the amazing use of quiet and loud that sets them apart from the crowd.

Kid Dakota - Smokestack
Kid Dakota - The Overcoat
Kid Dakota - So Pretty

Kid Dakota - Pilgrim (Video)

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Silent League

I'm probably really behind the times with The Silent League But they have just released a new album "Of Stars And Other Somebodies". Great sound with amazing strings and VU style vocals but what would you expect from ex Mercury Rev keyboardist Justin Russo.

The Silent League - Let It Roll
The Silent League - Kings & Queens
The Silent League - Victim of Aeroplanes

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos

I am really liking Margot and the Nuclear So and Sos from Indiana, United States. I think it's the mix of guitar and strings which makes me like them. Good vocal too.

Margot and the Nuclear So & Sos - Skeleton Key
Listen to new stuff at Myspace

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's -Skeleton Key (Live video)

Monday, 2 July 2007

Cajun Dance Party

Once again I don't know too much about Cajun Dance Party except that they are a five piece from North London. Good catchy indie pop with memorable guitar licks and intelligent lyrics.

Cajun Dance Party - The Next Untouchable
Cajun Dance Party - Colourful Life

Cajun Dance Party - The Next Untouchable (Video)

Friday, 29 June 2007


Germans are good old fashioned indie rock and they do it so well. They write well crafted tunes on a par with the greats such as Pavement and Dinosaur jr. Nice electro sounds in there too.

Germans - I Am the Teacher
Tunes at Myspace

Germans - I Am the Teacher (video)

Hot Club de Paris

Liverpool’s Hot Club de Paris are a three piece who deliver really tight and pretty complex tunes which have a real nice feel to them. The Paul Simon cover works somehow.. think its the accent on the vocal.

Hot Club de Paris - You Can Call Me Al
Hot Club de Paris - Everyeveryeverything
Hot Club de Paris - Sometimes its better not to stick bits of eachother in each other for eachother

Thursday, 28 June 2007


London based Fanfarlo have the knack of writing laid back indie music which keeps me interested and wanting more. There's a bit of Mercury Rev and Pavement in there somewhere.

Check their Myspace to listen Fanfarlo

Fanfarlo - Fire Escape (video)

The Lodger

I had to put this one up cos it's a Leeds band. The lodger are a smart indie band with more than a passing hint of Leeds favourites (who I have seen a couple of times recently and they are back to their best) The Wedding Present. Anyhow.. enjoy.

The Lodger - Kicking Sand
The Lodger - My Advice Is On Loan
The Lodger - Let Her Go
The Lodger - The Story's Over

The Lodger - Let Her Go (Video)

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Jack Penate

I like Jack Penate nice indie pop with a bit of a twist. Great lyrics too. Check out the dancing in the video! that guy can move!

Jack Penate - Torn On The Platform
Jack Penate - My Yvonne

Jack Penate - Spit At Stars (video)

Takka takka

Takka takka have a kind of early VU sound when Lou Reed sang a bit. There is a hint of early Pavement too all the right elements for me.

Takka Takka - Draw a Map
Takka Takka - We feel safer at night

Takka Takka "We Feel Safer at Night" (Live video)

Yeni Raki

Introducing Yeni Raki a band from Chicago, Illinois. Great sound with a nice mix of twangy guitar and melodic tunes, some good swearing in the lyrics too which is always a bonus.

Yeni Raki - You’re Not Helping
Yeni Raki - Just this once (Sorry its not a proper link)

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Silent Years

As usual i don't know too much about The silent Years except that I like them. There is a bit of devendra banhart and a touch of Grandaddy bit odd in some places but good stuff.

The Silent Years - Someone To Keep Us Warm
The Silent Years - Lidocaine

Someone to keep us warm (Video)

Friday, 22 June 2007


Just been watching Glastonbury on the TV and stumbled on Mumm-ra (great web site). The lead singer is a bit irritating but I can't help really liking the music. 'What would Steve do?' was the first track I heard. Great song.

MummRa - Out Of The Question

Mumm-Ra: What Would Steve Do? (Video)

Bedroom eyes

Ok.. I promise no more Swedish bands after this one.. well.. for a while anyhow. Bedroom eyes are one guy Jonas Jonsson, you guessed it, from Sweden. In his words 'striving to make pop songs that are short and simple compounds of bright melodies and heartfelt matters'. Sounds pretty good to me.

Bedroom Eyes - Stethoscope Sounds
Bedroom Eyes - The Skywriter

Shout out louds

Another Swedish band! There seems to be a pattern developing here. The Shout out louds have a real Cure vibe, it's probably just the vocal but there are some pretty Cure type rifs in there too. Good tunes tho. Some are a bit too pop for me but thats probably a Swedish thing.

Shout out louds - The Comeback
Shout out Louds - You Are Dreaming
Shout out louds - Shut Your Eyes

Mixtapes & Cellmates

Found some stuff by Mixtapes & Cellmates a couple of months ago and loved it. It's a great mix of indie electronica with great lyrics. The latest news is that Robert Svensson from Mixtapes, has announced that he will release his debut solo album on the Swedish label Nomethod records. Should be well worth a listen.

Mixtapes & Cellmates - Quiet
Mixtapes & Cellmates - Photo Jenny (Belle and Sebastian -cover)

Mixtapes & Cellmates - Quiet (Video)

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Okkervil River

Here is a real favourite of mine Okkervil river. I thought I would post a couple of tracks because they are due to release a new album in August. In my humble opinion Okkervil river are one of the best bands of the last few years. 'Black sheep boy' and 'Down the river of golden dreams' are must have albums.

Okkervil River - Black
Okkervil River - Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe

The War Criminal Rises And Speaks (Live)

Bombay Bicycle Club

Again, I don't really know much about Bombay Bicycle and Club except that I like them. Not bad for a group of 16-year-olds.. they should be in school really!

Bombay Bicycle Club - The Hill
Bombay Bicycle Club - Sixteen

Peter Bjorn & John

I Don't really know too much about these guys I listened to 'Young folks' and really liked it. Not sure if I should like it but it's one of those tunes. I then listened to 'Objects Of My Affection' and I was hooked. Swedish pop music... what next?

Peter, Bjorn and John - Objects Of My Affection
Peter Bjorn and John - Young Folks


Lots of post's today to get things off the ground. So here are Voxtrot, a very cool indie outfit with comparisons to Belle & Sebastian and the Smiths so what's not to like?

Voxtrot - Trouble
Voxtrot - New Love

Voxtrot - Soft & Warm (live)

Final Fantasy

I came across Final fantasy while surfing around Hype Machine. It's a project of master strings man Owen Pallett. I don't have any of his albums as yet but I'm working on it.
Anyhow... here are a couple of tracks to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. I especialy like the Stars' cover 'Your ex-lover is dead'
Stars - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (original version)

Ra ra riot

Well... this it the first post so I'll start with a good one. Only came across Ra ra riot a couple of days ago. They have been around for a while but as far as I know they have only just released an EP which includes the excellent tracks Dying is Fine and Each Year (links below).

I know their drummer has recently died but I do hope they continue to make music.

Ra ra riot - Dying is Fine
Ra ra riot - Each Year